Let’s talk Plates

Salad, dinner, appetizer, melamine… so many different plates!

What’s out there?…

The newset set is the LL dinner and salad plates. The dinner plate says DINE and the salad plate EAT. Haven’t had the chance to see these babies in real life. 🤞

Dine dinner plate: $7.99

Salad plate: $5.99

Melamine plates are a very durable plastic plate. I have gotten my hands on them and they are super cute and look just like ceramic from afar. I do think they are pricey for a “plastic” plate. They come sold two ways: in a four pack, and sold singly.

Rae Dunn if you’re reading this please do more packs, as it makes it easier in our lives 🙂 The large 10 inch dinner  and 8 inch salad plates sayings are PICNIC, PARTY, DELISH and BBQ.

4 Pack, 10-inch dinner plate: $24.99

Single: $7.99

4 Pack, 8-inch salad plates: $19.99

Single: $5.99



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