Box opening etiquette

50A53751-32A5-4C4F-A690-581D6D6E7A12We’ve all thought about it… you’re in the store and sitting there is the “tank” (the large tiered rolling cart) next to the RD section. It’s filled with boxes. Do I open it and look crazy? How about if there is a birdhouse in there? Or do I walk away!?

I’ve been in this scenario before, and if I truly need to know what’s in the boxes, the best thing to do is just kindly ask an associate. Say, “hey, just wondering if there is any Rae Dunn in those boxes?” It has worked for me and the associate kindly opened the boxes.

Asking an associate rather than impulsively tearing through their “tanks” so as to not look like the “crazy” one is important – especially if you plan to go back to the same store over and over. Don’t get me wrong, if the box is open and it’s sitting there on the “tank” I have taken a peek inside 🙂

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