Colander, juicer, candles and original pasta bowls oh my!!

85174AB5-2EA0-4CF6-A5B7-FFF7C2F4DC6EEvery month goes by and I say to myself, “yup my display is complete… I’m ‘Dunn’”. But then I see some cute new item and I’m hooked all over again – searching the stores like a mad woman… again (sigh).

On that note… can we talk about the exciting news of original pasta bowls coming back?! I don’t own any myself, so I am excited to find some.

Another new item that has been spotted is the colander. On it there is a picture of a black colander that says “Drain”. I will be hunting for this one as well, since my kids eat a pint of berries each day. Retail for colander is $12.99

Rae Dunn has filled our houses with beautiful pottery; now we can have her smelling up our house with soy-based candles. There are currently a total of 6 sayings on the glass mason jar candles:

Mason jar candle Retail $9.99

6 Sayings:

“Calm”: Italian fig (scent)

“Dream”: Rain

“Home”: Gardenia

“Pause”: Spiced wood

“Enjoy”: Citron

“Relax”: Citrus clove

Recap of New items:

– Juicer: $12.99

– Candles: $9.99

– Colander: $12.99

– Big “original” new pasta bowl: Price to be determined

– Icon medium size pasta bowl: Anywhere from 6.99-9.99


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